Saturday, November 8, 2008


Restaurant SIN KEE is located along the main road of Jln Tun Sambanthan just opposite the ramp leading to Plaza Sentral. It is a family owned business and their signature dishes are mun fun (braised rice), chicken and pork chop, deep fried or steamed fish, stir fry Chinese cabbage with dried shrimp.....etc. This place is always packed because of it's limited seating. Their customers are usually regulars and office workers. Today we have to sit along the corridor to enjoy the food and listened to Indian music provided by the shop next door. We ordered 2 sets of chicken chop and a set of pork chop. As usual i brought along two slices of white bread to savor the thick gravy of my chicken chop. DELICIOUS!

Chicken chop : one whole drumstick-was well tenderized and marinated, full of secret sauce gravy, potato wedges, red beans, green peas, sliced onion, 1/2 pan fried tomato. rm11/

Pork chop :a piece of loin eye muscle-was also well tenderized and marinated, the rest of the ingredients are similar to the chicken chop. rm 11/

total bill plus 2 glasses of grass jelly and a coconut rm40/


email2me said...

They are famous for their steam rice too ... :)

foodbin said...

yes their signature mun fun dishes!