Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This restaurant is an old establishment, i remembered, my father used to take us for lunch on weekend. The setting was simple and homely, air conditioned and is family owned. The owner even lives upstairs. What i like about this place is the friendliness, simplicity, cleanliness, the good food and an old ornate antique mirror on the wall. It was a former squatter house, now it had been renovated with cement walls and plank all round the shop.This part of Pudu Ulu was a notorious and thriving business center during the old day.s A word of advice: Do not park by the roadside, you will get a summon. There is a parking lot a few doors away (rm2/). This restaurant is located in PUDU ULU, if you come from Cheras Jusco, at the traffic lights junction of Menara PGRM go straight, the restaurant is on your right. Today the four of us ordered:

The antique ornate mirror-not for sale.

Sea prawns with preserved bean paste and soya sauce -the prawn's head was full of roe and the meat was flavorful, succulent and fresh.

Steamed ginger grass carp belly: the big chunk of belly portion was fine in texture and super fresh!

Clay pot braised mutton: full of thick gravy and the meat was soft gamy in flavor and odor but my friends KK and Steven loved it

Cha yok : braised pork belly with black fungus with the right amount of 5 spices which was absorbed by the meat, tantalizing!

Stir fry sweet potatoes leaves - fresh and the stem was fat and tender.

Total bill:rm 89/

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