Sunday, November 23, 2008


After visiting the Old Esplanade, Old Town Hall building, War Memorial monument, Fort Cornwallis and the site of "The king of tennis fiasco", we felt hungry again with all the walk about. We checked out from our hotel and had lunch at Restoran 77 near Persiaran Gurney. It is actually an old bungalow house which they have converted into a small and simple restaurant. The dining area is up a few flight of stairs while the kitchen is on ground level. Parking is ample along the road-rm0.50/hour. We ordered their signature dishes.

Their bold and striking sign board.

Curry fish head-cooked to order-garouper fish head was big, fresh and fleshly -with aromatic curry spices, onion, mint leaves and some old okra(lady finger) which was a big letdown-otherwise the dish was perfect!-rm36/

Home made bean curd-deep fried-soft and smooth-mixed with flavorful fillings-rm14/.

Steamed garouper fish tail-with soy sauce and garnished with finely chopped ginger. carrot and spring onion-was superbly fresh- it was the tail part of the curry fish head-rm33/.

Stir fry mixed vegetables-was soft and crunchy-was well blended in term of colours and healthiness-rm9/.

Assam sea prawns-fully absorbed the tamarind juice-crispy dried, succulent and medium sized-the children loved it!-rm36/

Eggplant topped with spicy shrimp paste and finely chopped and fried dry shrimps-the skin was pan fried until paper thin and was hard to chew-toppings with the flesh was delicious-rm14/.

Location:77-D, Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

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