Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is a typical neighborhood two shop lot corner coffee shop situated in Pandan Perdana,Cheras, commercial area. It is located just behind the Hong Leong Bank. There are quite a variety of stalls selling the usual coffee shop's food but this particular stall is special and stand out from the rest. The husband and wife's team sell wok fried chicken drumsticks done in 4 styles and wok fried pork belly rice with crunchy beansprouts and deep fried soft and smooth bean curd accompanied with hot chili, garlic, vinegar sauce.

Restoran Hoke Wah-parking is quite a problem.

Menu displayed clearly on the glass panel of the stall-1.Marmite chicken 2. Five Spices chicken 3.Salted chicken 4.Home made butter sauce chicken 5.Deep fried pork belly.

The stall owner busy preparing the food.

Steamed salted chicken-my friend removed the skin and commented that the meat was tender and the chicken juice was not salty

I ate this Home made butter sauce chicken-buttery flavor- taste and scent of some curry powder-plus sharing a plate of deep fried bean curd and crunchy beansprouts with my friend.

Total bill:rm10/plus two plates of rice.

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