Friday, November 21, 2008


After checking- in to our hotel rooms at the Gurney Hotel, i had a good bath and massage(water) in a jacuzzi. Took a short catnap and rest my weary legs after all the driving. The dinner for the night was street food-fried, oily, sweet and cholesterol laden food at the Gurney drive hawker center. It was a casual 15 minutes walk from our hotel. The cool evening sea breeze really aids us to reach our destination without sweat. The place was brightly decorated with full of festive and fluorescent lights and every stalls and tables are numbered-to facilitate easy delivery of food. It was jam packed with a potpourri of people and hawkers were enticing people to order their food. The hullabaloo of the good street food at Gurney drive was just average for me. Kuala Lumpur hawker food is on par with them!

Gurney Hotel.

Jam packed with hungry people.

Popiah-filled with sengkuang(sweet turnip), lettuce, scrambled egg and deep fried shallots-was soft and sweet

Otak-otak-cooked with coconut milk, moderate amount of fish meat. flour and spices-was fragrant, coconut milk flavored - satisfying.

Or Chien-oyster omelette-fried with tapioca flour, eggs-garnished with coriander leaves and chopped spring onions-sticky and smooth-coated with red and delicious sambal-sinfully good.

Deep fried shrimp and prawn fritters -was very crispy, with a crackling sound when you bite into it. dip into satay or chili sauce for added flavor.

Mee yoke or prawn mee-cooked either with yellow noodle or rice vermicelli-shallot, prawn,lean meat, kangkung, beansprout and boiled egg- was sweet, hot and spicy

Deep fried wanton dumpling(filled with minced pork) and bean curd-was over browned -it was in fact too crispy-good as a snack food with beer-average.

Char kway teow-was rich with prawns,beansprout and Chinese chive-was a bit wet to my liking but was tasty.

Air batu campur or ABC-finely shaved ice, grass jelly, kidney bean, corn, syrup, palm sugar, evaporated milk and topped with ice cream-perfect for sweet tooth diners.

A plate of mixed fruits to cool the body system.


worldwindows said...

Always great to be at Gurney drive. The atmosphere enhances the food.

foodbin said...

and the varieties of good food too.