Saturday, November 22, 2008


The next morning breakfast was at Cafe Sin Hup Aun in Pulau Tikus. It is located near the Marble Arch (Moulmein Close) mini shopping arcade and the PulauTikus wet market. Actually Pulau Tikus is just a few streets away from Persiaran Gurney.
This corner cafe interior wall and cabinet are filled with news clippings and medals won by Adrian Ang, a top Malaysian bowler. Maybe he is the owner's son. There are about seven stalls offering all the favorite hawker's food. Overall the food was good and tasty. Parking is ample as there is a rm2/parking lot nearby. After the breakfast the ladies had a field time buying clothes while we walked a round the market, saw some real nutmeg fruits for the first time, white eggplant and a lady selling live wild frogs on the five foot way.

The front of the cafe.

The food stalls.

The medals won by Adrian Ang.

Chinese cruller dipped into black coffee- best!

Lam Mee with rice vermicelli-the gravy was thick and black-filled with lot of ingredients-simple and tasty.

Porridge with Chinese cruller. century egg and salted duck egg-topped with ginger and spring onion-good remedy to counteract all the oily food.

Kway teow th'ng-flat noodle, chicken gizzard, fish, meat ball and pork liver-topped with spring onion-clear, robust soup.

Curry rice vermicelli-was lemak(coconut milk flavored).hot and spicy-with coagulated pig's blood cubes, rendang chicken, tau pok, sliced fish cake and mint leaves-heavenly!


worldwindows said...

Simple delights make a great day!

foodbin said...

like the friendliness of the people too.