Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We had our lunch here before proceeding to our relative house in Bukit Mertajam for a wedding dinner later in the night. This restaurant is built on wooden stilts by the side of the river's fork leading to the sea. The decor is the usual red tablecloth tables and plastics chairs with overhead ceiling fans and an overhead full of plastic flowers and festive lighting. The way leading into the restaurant have aquariums and tanks filled with live sea fishes, comb shell, crabs, shellfish...etc. There are replicas of the various food for people who do not know what to order. The 15 us, sat on 2 tables and ordered their signature dishes and the best nutmeg fruit juice which i have ever drank.

The view of the forking river and houses built on stilts.

Waiting for the food to be serve

Steamed comb shell with tooth picks to dig up the flesh.

Close up of comb shell's flesh-was tasteless and chewy- have to dip in chili sauce for better taste.

Stir fry hydroponic vegetables (chee por choy)-was fresh, sweet and crunchy

Fried home made bean curd-was crispy on the outside and filled with minced prawn, carrot and some other secret ingredients

Fried glass noodles-made from mung beans-was tasty and full of ingredients.

Fried thick mee suah-a Teochew speciality -was salty based but the other ingredients blends well with it

Sweet and sour crabs-was fresh and meaty but the Thai sauce gravy spoilt the taste

The nutmeg juice.

Total bill:rm202/
Location:672.Bagan Bukit Tambun,
Simpang Ampat, S.P.S,PENANG

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