Saturday, November 1, 2008


One of longest, surviving and successful food court in Petaling Jaya, is the Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah. Surrounding it are famous landmark restaurants like Secret Recipe, Bayu Timur, Fatty Crabs, Pangkor fish head curry, La Manila...etc. The concept is tropical with thatched attap roofs, some bullock carts wheel tables and the recorded sound of birds chirping away. The stalls are arranged in a square shape, along the perimeter side of the food court. The food offered are unique-local, fusion and Asian cuisine too! Drinks like fruit juice are served in huge mug at rm3.60/. The last time when i was there the waiters wore straw hats, batik shirts and tags with names of Hong Kong movies stars, now the novelty have faded away. This place have WI-FI too, you can do your web surfing for free. It is a nice place to have some "cold ones" too!The four of us broke away from our usual rice dinner.

The main entrance-with colourful lights.

Packed with diners-young and old.

Nasi lemak -rice was whole grain and coconut flavored with tender curry chicken drumstick, peanuts, 1/2 hard boiled egg, cucumber and fiery sambal-rm4.50/.

Chicken chop-gritty lean and tender with tasty brown sauce-green peas was not properly thawed-rm7.50/

Chicken chop -sauce was hot and peppery-meat was juicy.-rm8/

Mee suah (wheat flour noodle)herbal soup with duck's drumstick-was clear and full of herbal flavor and lots of kei chi(box thorn berries)-meat was a bit tough in texture- prefer the Bidor's Pan Chan version!-rm5.50/

Loh bak-Penang style-prawn fritters was crispy-meat roll was filled with well marinated
meat, while bean curd was smooth inside-dip into the two sauces below to savor the taste.-rm10/

Waffle-was sweet and mouth watering with ice cream, bananas and peanut butter-rm4.50/

Featured in The Star Metro Food Blog.

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