Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breakfast @ Bentong.

Bentong located in the state of Pahang a is quiet, nostalgic hilly town famous for it's ginger, tofu puffs, hot springs, waterfalls, ice cream and as a food and fruits heaven.
For this Bentong, Pahang's trip, our host was 4th Yee, a small sized gregarious lady.

Our first stop was a walk around the busy open air market and a morning Pasar pagi.

Breakfast was at Kedai Kopi Yuen Kee, a corner lot coffee shop - opposite off an Indian temple on Jalan Chui Yin .

She ordered both the dry/soup wanton noodle for us from the Hooi Kee stall (32 years in business)-the wait was 30 minutes even though the stall owner was her good friend.

As we came empty stomach all the way from PJ- we ordered some really good Chee Cheong Fun (round rice noodle rolls) plus Kong Sai Yong lui's (stuffed ingredients) to fill our growling stomach while waiting.

Top: delicious Kong Sai styled home-made Yong Lui with lots of spring onion and coriander leaves in the mixture.
Bottom: smooth Chee cheong fun (round rice roll) with a perfect sweet soy gravy, with a dollop of chillies paste on the side and garnished with chopped spring onion and lots of toasted sesame-3 plates=Rm9.20/.

The noodle stall was manned by about 10 persons-business was brisk with lots of takeaways and eat-in-----------------the long wait was because only one person does the cooking of the noodle.

The long wait was worthwhile with the very first bite of the springy home made Wantan noodle and fragrant fillings of the wantons while the sliced BBQ pork was just average. 

Parking is OK.

Wantan noodle soup with a clear tasty soup-springy home-made noodle, three smooth wanton with a fragrant grounded Flounder fish/good grade minced pork fillings, BBQ pork was just average-Rm3.60/

Dry wanton noodle tossed with pig's lard oil, sesame oil and superior light/dark soy sauce was not too oily or robust-springy home-made noodle was a class above others served with average BBQ pork slices/chopped spring onion with a bowl of three lovely wantons in a bowl of soup-Rm3.60/

Location: 57, Jalan Chui Yin,
Bentong, Pahang.


Anonymous said...

Yumm I so wanna eat

foodbin said...

Anon 8:28 AM-the noodles are very springy.

Z said...

The chee cheong fun beckons me. I must go to Chinatown this weekend and order a double!

foodbin said...

Anon 8:28 AM-be there early.