Monday, May 30, 2011

Hing Ket Grill House.

Hing Ket Grill House is famous for it's fried Hokkien styled noodles, grilled fresh seafood and lamb with great red chillies sauce and refreshing mint sauce as dip..

It's a village house converted into a no frills restaurant with a smoke wafting grill room at the front. 

Located at a dangerous corner off the backwaters of Kampung Jawa, Klang with developments and small/medium enterprises creeping nearer and nearer to them.

The three of us ordered four dishes and it turned out to be good-will go back with the whole gang to try out more grilled seafood like crabs, squid, lamb...etc

Parking is limited in front of the Grill house.

Fried Tang Hoon (Glass noodle)-with chopped Chinese long cabbage, squid, strips of chicken,minced pork egg and Chinese parsley-a notch above others-Rm7.50/
Fried Yam noodle-with cilantro, leek, mushroom, pork lard, light and dark soy sauce and Chinese cabbage-garnished with chopped spring onion-bouncy like steamed rice cake-5 stars- Rm7.50/
Stir fried Tong Oh-leafy with a pungent aroma-Rm8/
Grilled Garouper fish with blended red chillies paste on a Banana leaves-fresh and fleshy with a spicy kick-Rm28/
Dip-red chillies sauce and refreshing mint sauce.

Total Bill:Rm54/
Location: Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4, Kampung Jawa,
Klang, Selangor.

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