Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Restoran Fatty Crab Sdn Bhd.

Restoran Fatty Crab Sdn Bhd was voted KL's best seafood restaurant by Time Out magazine in 2009.

If I have visitors from overseas, this is the first place on my food itinerary to treat them to a delicious hot, spicy and numbing crab dinner and with toasted white bread to soak up all the tasty gravy !

Be there early on weekends as there is no reservations-only first come first serve basis.

Just bring along your appetite and cash.

Parking is OK.

An appetizer of sliced Century eggs with pickled young ginger to tease your tastebuds -Rm4/
Nicely charcoal grilled meaty chicken Satay on skewers served on the side with slice fresh cucumber and big onion-Rm20/
Deep fried fresh and tender chicken wings with crispy skin-can be very salty sometimes-Rn22/
Steamed Red Snapper-TeoChew style-very fresh with tomato, salted vegetable in a sweet and sourish broth-beautifully garnished with coriander leaves, red chillies and spring onion-Rm40/
Yellowish, eggy and fluffy fried rice with chopped long beans and shrimps-excellent and very consistent-Rm15/
Steamed mud crab-fresh, sweet and meaty-Rm48/
Sweet and sour mud crab-TeoChew style with lots of finely chopped red/green Bird's eye chillies-hot and numbing to the tongue (the greatest "kick")-a dozen of toasted white bread to soak up all of those killer gravy-Rm48/

Total bill:Rm225/
Location: 2, Jalan SS24/13, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya,


Small Kucing said...

Love their crabs and chicken wings.

Tailim said...

Been a long time since I last visited this place maybe a good idea to visit again.

Anonymous said...

i missed the crab really!!!

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-the satay is good,too.
Sin Tai Lim-worth a revisit.
SimpleGirl-it's addictive esp. the gravy with toasted bread.