Friday, September 18, 2009


After a sumptuous lunch at Restoran Choy Kee in Sungkai, Perak, we drove a few streets down the road to Restoran Sun Kee and bought four salt baked Chicken for takeaway.

Restoran Sun Kee is a typical Chinese new village house converted into a restaurant, they also served various types of noodles and "Tai Chow" food, too!

Their famous and delicious salt baked chicken are very popular with KLites ( their top customers!
) after frolicking in the nearby hot spring resort.

They must thanks the Felda's Sungai Klah Hot Spring Resort, for such good business!

The front of the shop.

A pot of blended old Ginger juice with traces of fragrant Chinese wine.

A bowl of good grade Sesame oil.

I spied:
1.The freshly cleaned free range Chicken was rubbed down with some salt.
2. Then the belly was stuffed with blended old ginger.
3. Drizzled with a spoonful of Sesame oil on the body and massaged it again.
4. Wrapped it in 3 layers of grease proof paper.
5. Covered it with coarse salt and baked it in a special wok for 30 minutes.

This is the self made contraption/wok for baking the chicken-fired with chopped Rubber wood (for it's high intensity flame and flavor)

The almost burnt up wrapped chicken after 30 minutes of baking.

The naked salt baked Chicken was fragrant, tender, sweet and juicy with a tiny hint of saltiness-(best eaten eith bare hands !)-Rm27/.

Location:C 45, Kampung Baru, (beside a school)
Sungkai, Perak.
TEL:012-582-1844/ 016-599-9222.


Pete said...

Many people always 'tar pau' this salted chicken to bring back outstation! I think someone gave me one before!

foodbin said...

Pete-so, was it good?

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

wow this looks droolicious...very authentic method to bake a chicken

Suscendra said...

It's really good !!...price RM32 per bird -2017

The Champ said...

Is it halal?

The Champ said...

Is it halal?