Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We skipped our normal dinner in order to savor this famous no-name restaurant in Gopeng, Perak which specialized in Lai Fun Tou" (homemade rice noodle served with a bowl of fish paste stuffed ingredients).

This shop opens at the dot of 8 pm nightly and closed shop when all the ingredients are sold out.

As we were early, the ten of us headed the queue with our orange colored "Tou"(Bowl) with others regulars streaming in to join us!

The ingredients cost 50 cents each, a bowl of Lai Fun(rice noodle)-Rm1.20, home brewed herbal drink-Rm1.10 and Soft drinks at Rm1.70.

Each us ordered two bowls of the Lai Fun and shared five "Tou"(Bowl) of the various "Liu" (ingredients)

The front of the no-name restaurant (next door to Headman Hair salon)

Some of the "Liu" are hidden underneath the cupboard, where the guy (blue shirt) is standing.

Smooth slides in your throat Lai Fun(white rice noodle-made daily with no preservatives) served with beansprout, chopped spring onion and tasty fish stock soup.

Firm Fish balls and sliced fishcakes.

Soft spongy fish paste stuffed Tofu Pok (puffs).

Deep fried Char Sar Kot (sweet Turnips/ Yam bean/ Jicama)-with mixtures of fragrant deep fried shrimps and sticky Tapioca starch flour-to really enjoy this you must bite and chew on it slowly-the best of the night.

Soft and smooth melt in the mouth Tofu.

Crispy deep fried fish paste stuffed Bean curd sheets.

Chillies sauce looks decent but it's quite hot and spicy.

The damage done after the meal.

Total bill:Rm100/
Location: No:295 (besides Headmaster hair salon.)
From NSE-exit at the Gopeng toll-at traffic light junction turn right-go straight- at the second traffic light -turn right -after 3 0r 4 road humps-turn left on seeing a row of shop(It is the third last shop).


CRIZ LAI said...

Wah!! That's not exactly cheap even for so many of you there. It looked somewhat like the Penang Yong Tau Foo. Although expensive too but it won't even cost so much. I hope the taste would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

long time didnt go there....love the lai fun there

New Kid on the Blog said...

wah, I love char sar kot. penang will never never have this.
and this is typical have it in ipoh.

it's diff from what penang people call it yong tau foo also, right?

Ciki said...

RM100? Why so expensive.. how many ppl?

Anyway, this sort of meal is my favourite. I like anything similar to YTF!

CK Lam said...

Love the deep fried Char Sar Kot...always go for it when I visit the stall under the tai shi tau in Ipoh.

foodbin said...

CRIZ LAI-the noodle and ingredients are all home made-delicious!
Sgirl-no doubt about it.
C&CIKI-10 persons
3.Lui(130 pieces)-Rm65.
CKLam-Char Sar Kot was very special.

Anonymous said...

hmm, agreed with Criz. a little pricey for fishball noodles.
but the crowd may prove that this is worthy.
but at night only? aiyo ..cannot lah ...

Selba said...

I like to try everything... but yeah, sounds quite expensive...

foodbin said...

J2Kfm-good food knows no time!
Selba-no preservatives and home made-i think it is worth the money.

worldwindows said...

Excellent simple pleasures.

Pete said...

My relative 'tar pau' this lai fun for me, real nice!

foodbin said...

Pete-the lai fun is real good.

Unknown said...

what is the operation hour and exactly address