Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We went on a one day trip to Genting Highlands to escape the city's heat.

After a light breakfast of Yong Tofu, we arrived at the peak at about 10.30 am.

We went on a twenty minutes ride on a cute caterpillar Monorail train (Rm8/person) which started from the Indoor Theme Park and encircled around the Outdoor Theme Park with a great view of the whole resort- people howled and screamed on terror adrenalin pumping rides like Rollercoaster, Spaceshot, Pirate Ship, Giant Swing, ....etc

The weather was kind to us-cool, windy and misty with thick white clouds overhead, just nice for a walk around.

Came lunchtime, we ate at Restoran Genting Palace located just a few steps from the main casino.
Restoran Genting Palace is grand with a warm, cozy and quiet ambiance.

Service was good and attentive.

The front of the restaurant.

The interior.

Sea prawns fritter-fried to perfection-crispy on the outside and juicy and succulent inside-a bit oily though!-Rm45/

BBQ meat platter-braised Duck, slithery Jellyfish, flavorful baby Octopus, crispy roasted Chicken and meaty BBQ Pork with a yin yang sauce dip-too bad the dish was served cold- Rm50/

Steamed Cod-bathed in good sweet tasting XO Soy sauce and garnished with spring onion and cilantro-gelatinous skin with meat which was fresh, smooth and very fine in texture-Rm56/

Stir fried Kai Lan with cloves of Garlic-plump, leafy and crunchy-Rm23/

Beancurd stuffed with Fishpaste and topped with fresh Scallop and sweet Bean paste- soft silky smooth white round Japanese Beancurd-firm Fish paste and fresh, tender, sweet and refreshing scallop-the sauce complemented it so well!-Rm38/

So gracious of Datin to serve us tea.

Total bill:Rm 269/
Location: a few steps from the Highland Hotel casino entrance.


Selba said...

It looks like a very nice restaurant, definitely can tell from the food :)

The caterpillar monorail train sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

scallop with tofu looks good!!!!

Duckie said...

fish looks good too!!! but i suppose it's a little pricey. then again, everything is pricier in gentings!!!

foodbin said...

Selba-one carriage can seat 4 adults.
Duckie-even Mac are more pricey.

worldwindows said...

Steamed cod fish is one of my favourite!

foodbin said...

WWindows-it was delicate and fine in texture.

backStreetGluttons said...

The food looks very well presented.
Jolly good meal with good looking Datin.
We would be floored high

ai wei said...

cod fish!!! eyeing on the pure whitish fish :)

@SweetMink said...

backstreetgluttons..thanks for saying i'm good looking...haha
my dad's funny...with love datin

foodbin said...

BSGluttons-it was a great dinner.
Ai wei-me,too.
Sweetmink-thanks for the treat.

Unknown said...

I've been to Gentings a couple of years ago. I'm not really into casinos, but the theme park was fun!

If I go back, I must try this restaurant!

foodbin said...

Alice-a wager once in awhile is OK.