Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mei Wei Little Kitchen.

A low profile restaurant in the Section 17 neighbourhood of 
Petaling Jaya-air conditioned with simple furnishings.

Catering  more to students and and the odd family diners.

There are some affordable set lunch and dinner set, too.

The chef has some innovative signature dishes up his sleeves.

 We had a steaming hot claypot of Garouper fish head with lots 
of assorted vegetables (red, creamy and spicy), fatt putt kai ting - 
yam basket (it was cold) with stir fried cubed chicken meat with 
Bombay dried chillies, onion and toppings of cashew nuts 
and another claypot - kai lan with black  fungus in glutinous rice
wine-which was quite odd but taste ok.

Location: 69, Jalan 17/10.
Petaling Jaya.



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