Thursday, January 28, 2016

Restoran Nam Hing Loong @ Temoh.

Restoran Nam Hing Loong is an air conditioned restaurant located 
along the Tapah - Kampar old trunk road.

Temoh is a desolated small town with two rows of dilapidated shop houses.

Famous for it's pao at a coffee shop (noon only) opposite of this restaurant.

The evening heavy down pour did not deter us from driving from Tapah
to meet our host Yeong Huey Ling and husband for this dinner gathering.

We were late because of the traffic and dinner  was about to be served 
when we arrived. 

The dishes were so home cooked -no fancy plating - straight from the wok.

The stir fried Haruan fish slices with ginger and onion was a winner for me
and it's bones were made into a savory milky soup with julienned young ginger,
Chinese wine, herbs and dates.

Besides that the other dishes were- 
Stir fried pacuk paku with salted egg,
Thai style pork knuckle  with two types of sauces,
Steamed herbal free range chicken,
Claypot gelatinous water terrapin,
Steamed silky soft tofu with red chillies and minced pork and ended with Hokkien
fried mee -good wok hei.

A comforting meal with good friends and relatives.

 Location:88, Main Road.
Temoh, Perak.



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