Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ming Ren Restaurant @Genting.

This meal is almost free for us was
given a free food voucher that's worth Rm200/= to dine 
at selected restaurants in Genting.

We invited my sister and brother in law to eat with us at

Ming Ren Restaurant located at Level 2,  Maxims Hotel.

They are famous for their tantalizing and succulent lamb dishes, 
which is a no no for us.

We ordered a stewed rice with assorted seafood, some chopped 
vegetables like kai lan in a superior liked soup - more like Teo
Chew porridge and it was delicious.

Next was Stir fried Dory fish with ginger and spring onion - very
chunky pieces with a glaze brown gravy.

The last dish was Golden  crispy wasabi prawn with dragon fruit 
and fish roe - a good combination.

And ended the meal with a 5 grains Vanilla ice cream -smooth and 
not too sweet and crunchy grains to chew.

Location: Level 2, Maxims Hotel,
Genting Highlands.



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