Friday, January 15, 2016

Steamed Noodle @Restoran New Seaview.

Most customers will give this steamed noodle  stall a miss.

Restoran New Seaview is more famous for it's pork noodle.

This stall is located side by side with Po Po Curry mee.

A week ago, my  wife ordered  their steamed keow teow
(flat wide rice noodle)in a clear superior soup filled with
salted vegetable slices, tomato slices, red chillies padi , fish
slice, prawn, poached egg and garnished with chopped spring 
onion and deep fried garlic oil with a dash of white pepper.

A plate of goodies that knocks me off -reminds so much of my wife's

Looks so appetizing, visually pleasing to my eyes-I just want to dig in
straight away.

The taste was perfect not too sweet nor salty -the various ingredients 
was playful on my palate.

I'd give them a Michelin star if I can.


Today, I ordered steamed bee hoon (rice vermicelli) that comes with 
the same ingredients.

I would say they are consistent and up to my liking

A gem of a find for me and I hope that they make it their signature dish.

 Location: 65, Jalan 20/7,
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya.

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