Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Monday is my daughter's Michelle off 's day. She was presented with a $20 Fireman BBQ voucher while shopping at the Curve on a weekend. The Fireman BBQ is located in Jaya One which was our target for tonight. We waited for Mike to join us there, as the center of attraction was a fireman's performance at 8 p.m. The restaurant is small and quite compact, there is 3 sunken tables on the left (Japanese style), table seating on the right, a small stage at the front, and upstairs dining area. We ordered the $49.90 set which was quite reasonably priced, it was served on two big plates choked with meat and seafood and chopped Chinese round cabbage at the bottom. This set is suitable for big meat eater! The neatly arranged sliced meat was a sight to behold.The bronze contraption for cooking was well made as we could scooped the soup from the side of it, unlike others. Three pieces of lard was provided to oil the surface to prevent the cooked meat from sticking on it. The sauce was spicy and tangy if the chopped garlic and bird's eye chillies are added to it. The side dishes are charged separately. We finished off our meal with a jug of refreshing herbal drink boiled with lotus root and water chestnut-soothing to the throat! The fireman's show was fantastic and i recorded it on my camera. It is on youtube.com/ken the fireman. Overall the meal was quite filling.

Clean and well made bronze contraption

The three pieces of lard.

Seafood platters-squid, shrimp, crab stick, fish noodle, mussel and sotong kembang

Pork platters-bacon, belly, pork shoulder, beef, beef ball, intestine and liver.

Side dish-pork belly rm6.90/

Side dish-golden mushroom-rm4.90/

Side dish-prawn cake-rm16.90/

Sauce with chopped garlic and bird eye's chillies.

Two bowls of fragrant jasmine rice-rm3/

After all the damage and cooking.

A jug of soothing drink to cool our throats- rm12.90/


Min said...

hey...how come everytime also i dun get to eat all the good food wan??

foodbin said...

you must go out and search for it. it's affordable isn't it?