Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Rojak it is basically a fruit and vegetable salad dish. Can be eaten any time of the day. Shown below is a simplified version and homemade. It consists of green cucumber, turnip, pineapple and dwarf ambarella, some add raw mango and young papaya too. Cut it into bite-size. The sauce is made of ground peanuts, shrimp paste, belacan, sugar, soya sauce and bird's eye chillies. Just dip into the sauce and eat: It tasted excellent and the fieriness of the chillies danced away on our palate!

home made rojak

Indian rojak:bought from a hawker's van beside the SEA Park market. rm4/


ZUSA said...

Another fine, mouth-watering dish.
Cuttlefish can also be added, on request.

foodbin said...

this stall sell the best indian rojak