Tuesday, September 9, 2008


How to cook stewed chicken made simple by my wife. the ingredients are as follows:

1.cut tomatoes, potatoes, big onions and carrots into wedges style.

2. spices-cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves (which was not available)

3. one whole chicken chopped into bite pieces and marinated with salt and pepper.

Heat up the wok and deep fried the tomatoes, potatoes and carrots for a minute and then put it aside. Next do the same with the chicken until it is half cooked.
Replace the oil and stir fry the big onions until aromatic, add in the tomatoes, potatoes, carrot, and the half cooked chicken. Season with light and dark soya sauce and stir fry it for awhile.
Increase the flame and add a litre of RO water and let it simmer to a boil. Then lower the flame and cook it for 15 minutes. Dish out and serve. The end result- irresistible!


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