Sunday, September 7, 2008


The other day i took my Singaporean relatives to visit my brother Meng, who stays in Ara Damasara. The main purpose was to see his new house and to have dinner at this seafood restaurant which he claims is the best. This restaurant is a branch of the famous Lala Chong which is along the Subang airport road just opposite the Terminal 3 building.The one we went was located in the Ara Damasara township. It is a two shop lot restaurant and alfresco style by the side of the shop. The ten of us plus two kids were ushered to a big table near an aquarium, half filled with live fishes. The aroma of grilled satay from the outside wafted towards where we were seated but we did not order any, will try it the next visit. Parking is easy and plenty. we ordered:

appetizer : pickled shredded mango with assam moi and bird's eye chillies, perk up your taste buds.

signature dish: fried lala with ginger and bird's eye chllilies the broth was a bit overpowering lala was fresh, clean and devoid of sand.

"tau foo kang" :white soft bean curd, minced prawns cooked in the style of shark fin soup-add some black vinegar to get the extra flavor.

stir fried paku choy (wild fern) with tuna bits and chillies-very mouth watering and spicy.

lemon chicken : half a chicken topped up with sweet lemon sauce-crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

deep fried squid (calamari) rings - crispy and crunchy-well marinated and some tumeric flavor.

salted duck egg yolk crabs -not enough of the duck egg yolk, some parts of the crabs were overcooked, with the flesh stuck to the shell.

everybody enjoying their food!

total bill:rm248/

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