Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We always look forward to the first day of Hari Raya. Why? Go to my cousin Azizah's open house in Shah Alam, Klang. I missed it last year as i was out of town. It is some sort of gathering among relatives as well. All her children and grand children are back from other states and overseas. My two nephew got the chance to get duit Raya too. The home cooked food was good and tasty, some of us went for second round. She told us about her mean bubur lumbuk(savory spiced rice porridge) which she cooked for the mosque for 27 days before Raya. I joked with her that i shall be joining the queue for it next year.

Warming up and getting to know each other-cousin Azizah is in green baju kurung

Gift tray packed with assorted biscuit and cakes.

Satay peanut chillies gravy, rendang beef and serunding(beef floss)

Lontong(stew vegetables)-cooked in coconut milk with Chinese round cabbage, long bean, carrot, fried tempe(bean curd).....the soup was yellowish and creamy-goes well with the lemang.

Lemang filled with coconut flavor-not too salty-i love it with the satay gravies.

Rendang chicken-full of spices and aromatic.

This is the real ketupat cooked in wrapped coconut leaves- not the Mcketupat-goes well with every dishes.

This is the hot and spicy sotong kembang- very well done and not rubbery-eat with the lemang.

Pulut susu kukus -steamed in periuk kera(a type of pitcher plant)-a very traditional Malay delicacy-the glutinous rice was soft and sticky and coconut flavored too.

Close up of the periuk kera-never seen it cooked like this before!

Wan and me savoring the ketupat and lontong.

One for rememberance. l-r-Azizah, Mum, niece Sandy, sister-in-law Hannah, cousin- in- law Aziz and Wan

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