Friday, September 5, 2008


Restaurant Hoi Kee is located at Jalan Tun Sambanthan just opposite the Jln Brickfields police the old days this rows of shops was a food court, the famous "the PINES" was there too. now the place have evolved into a few small low-roofed restaurant. parking is quite a problem.this place specializes in Hing Hwa food. the seven of us ordered their signature dishes and noodles.

glass noodle in soya sauce-small lala, lots of beansprouts, chinese celery, pork, dried shrimp and lard. tossed just right and not too wet.

sliced white rice cake with soya sauce-lard, pork, squid, Chinese celery, cabbage:wet and oily but flavorful!

stirfry sweet potatoe leaves-smooth and tender. portion a bit small

boneless chicken in sweet plum sauce-the chicken was crispy and sweet from the plum sauce and covered with full of freshly grounded peanuts. delicious!

oyster-soaked mee suah-coriander, lots of oysters and black crispy seaweed -the superior stock diluted the saltiness of the mee suah:good

oyster omelette- coriander, eggs and lots of oysters.the thing was a bit burnt! but was tasty with every bite!

total bill:rm90/

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