Sunday, September 28, 2008


Reunion dinners are always fun and happy, recalling about old, good and enjoyable times together.How i wished i was younger so that i can do the things that i always wanted to but somehow did not get the chance to do it. We have been together through thick and thin and there is no racial barrier just plain brotherhood. Zainal can even speaks a few words of Cantonese, his signature greeting is Cho San. The group of us have been friends for about 45 years, all married with children, loving, understanding wives and us all having gray hairs now! The only missing link is one of our good friend's Leong Tuck Kee whom we lost contact about 10 years ago, last heard he was in Australia. Any way we played host to Zainal and his family who were back from the U.S.A. for their month long summer holidays. As their schedule were very tight we manged to squeezed in 4 days of fun and food for them.
1. Rocking in Waikiki
2. Seafood at Restaurant Fatty Crabs.
3. Dinner at Nando's.
4.Mont Kiara Jazz Festival.
5.Meng Tien Food Court.

Digging into the Peri-Peri chicken at Nando's-anything that's flies eat with your fingers.

Jimie and his family with Roziah and her kids.

L-R: Joseph Foong, me, Zainal, Loo Pak Keong and Jimie Loh.

Seafood at fatty crabs-beef and chicken satay, fried chicken wings(yummy), fried rice-(fluffy)
sweet and sour crabs-dip with toasted bread (out of this world), steamed crabs, century eggs.

One for the album- taken with a 3 flash camera(smile)

Our friend, Jimie Loh of The Alleycats jamming with Six and Dimes at Wakkiki bar.

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