Friday, February 13, 2009


The Abiu fruit a.k. Wong Kam Kor a.k. Birdnest Fruit grown at my backyard, had a bountiful harvest this year 2009. It's golden skin coincided with the Chinese New Year Festival theme of "gold and wealth." At the last count, it bears about 50+ fruits, around the size of Navel Oranges. The rainy and hot weather played a major role, aiding in the fruiting and growth of the Abiu fruit. Commercially I saw it on sale at RM3/ each, in front of the Cold Storage Supermarket in Jaya33, Petaling Jaya.

The Abiu fruits about to ripe.

My wife with the picking, yesterday.

Lovely hues of golden yellow.

The rind of the fruit is latex like and sticky.

The best way to eat it- scooped it up with a spoon-the flesh was sweet, smooth, not so juicy but birdnest-like (hence the name)

This is all that is left.


Hannah Ng said...

I thot this is the yellow star fruit or something?? how come you didn't cut the cross section??

foodbin said...

this is the best way to eat it