Sunday, February 1, 2009


This CNY festival was full of invited dinner. Tonight my b.i.l. Kam and his wife Ying treated us to a dinner at Restoran Tonny, which is located along the Bidor to Tapah road, the restaurant is on the right, just before the Tapah Police Station. The single unit double storey shop was packed to the rim, with some diners having their meals, along the side walkway of the resstaurant. Restoran Tonny is a small and closely knit family owned restaurant helm by Chef Tonny. Their signature dishes are wild frog, eel, haruan (snakehead fish) and exotic venison if it's available. The hygiene of the place is acceptable and parking is a breeze.The food is delicious, great taste, good value and no fancy stuff, just plain straight forward style. No reservations is needed, first come first serve policy.

The front of the shop.

Chef Tonny (in white) with his assistant.

4 Styled vegetables-with 4 angled bean, okra, wild fern and petai-was stir fried with aromatic chillies shrimps paste- imagine, four different kind of texture and flavor when eating it-superb!- was not too spicy.

Sweet and Sour Pork-very, very, very crispy but too small in size-fragrant and full of tomatoes and vinegar flavor.

Clay Pot with Assorted Seafood-with generous sized prawns, sea cucumber, Shiitake mushroom and cauliflower-interesting mix-looks appetizing but was bland.

Steamed White Promfret-local variety-was fresh and fine in texture-no fishy smell-handsomely flavored with Grade A soy sauce and peanut oil adding a pleasant sweet taste to the fish.

Stir fried Wild Frog-with ginger and scallion-their signature speciality-was fresh, sweet and really fine in texture-one of my favorite dish-only available seasonal.

Stir fried Yau Mak-green and leafy but was old and a bit bitter in taste.

Kong Por Eel-stir fried with dried red chillies, scallion and ginger with a dash of Chinese "Hua Diao"wine and dark soy sauce-was sliced and de boned into bite size-texture was firm and springy with enough chew factor..

The children and their playful antics- assorted fresh fruits was on the house.

Signs of approval for a well done dinner!

Total bill:rm140/
Location Tapah, Perak

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