Monday, February 23, 2009


Rice is a staple food among the Asians and is popular because it is non-allergenic, gluten free and very filling. Fried rice is a very common dish, available in every nook and corner, coffee shop, mamak stall to posh restaurants. It is serve in many styles and variations, with some even named after exotic places or cities. Well, I am a sucker for fried rice and love to eat it only on cold or rainy days because it can be quite heaty.

Fried rice-home cooked with finely chopped long beans and scrambled eggs with the side accompaniments of, slices of bright yellow, sweet Sarawak pineapple, chopped fresh lettuce and a piece of chicken drumstick braised with soy/XO oyster sauce-lush and wholesome meal.


Anonymous said...

i am also a lover of fried rice. This photo looks good, is it another invention of your wife?

foodbin said...

yes, her recipe.

Tummythoz said...

Had pineapple fried rice before but 1st time seeing the fruit as a side dish. Interesting.