Monday, February 2, 2009


After only the third day of the CNY festival in Tapah, Perak. The children were restless and craving for shopping malls. First stop, we went to Ipoh City, Jaya Jusco and later adjourned to Ipoh Parade. The girls could not resist the temptation of buying and ended up with more than what they planned. We skipped our lunch and and at about 3 p.m. hungry pangs set in, we drove around and ended up at Sun Guochow Beer Garden Ipoh, a stone throwaway from Ipoh Parade. There were three tables of family diners while the rest were filled with old uncles drinking beer (happy hours) served by Carlsberg girls. We ordered whatever that was recommended by the waiter of Chinese Bar-B-Q King and had a few glasses of fruit juices. While waiting, we noticed that there was a huge tree trunk right in the middle of the restaurant. It protruded through the ceiling, providing a cooling shades to the place. There is a stall selling Curry Laksa and another stall on the left corner, selling Roast Duck, Pork and Chicken rice. Well, what a big surprise! the food we ordered was not bad-passable!

The front facade- notice the big tree behind.

Fried Wan Ton Noodles with Beansprout, Choy Sam and Roasted Cuttlefish-noodles was springy and the aromatic Roasted Cuttlefish was special and mix well with the noodles-rm10/.

Deep fried Squid-lightly battered with curry powder-was crispy and chewy-rm15/

Stir fried Kang Kong (Water Spinach) with garlic-for some cooling remedy after all the CNY festival dinner-rm8/.

Fried Tang Hoon (Glass noodles)-lots of scallion, onion, beansprouts, eggs and sliced fish cake-not oily, quite a generous portion and tasty-rm12/

Kam Heong La La (clam)-does not look or taste like it, more like curry and turmeric powder La La-with bird eye's chillies to give it a spicy and hot flavor-La La was fresh with no traces of sand-rm15/.

Total bill + fruit juices-rm 68.50/
Location:Lot 34496, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
Ipoh, Perak.


TAN said...

Oh..interesting!! Last November we're back from Malacca and we lost on the road hahaha...we're drived pass this restaurant on sunday afternoon with very hungry all of us. We were happy to see this restaurant with Tiger beer logo. Unfortunately they were closed.

All of them you paid 68 RM. I think for our team must be at least 100 RM+ never less. I should bookmark this for my next mission.

Thank you for sharing.:)

foodbin said...

yes, cheap and affordable!