Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I always like to eat sandwich (especially home made ones with fresh ingredients) for my breakfast, besides toasted bread with avocado and noodle soup. There were leftover from two chunks of Deep fried Tenggiri fish (Spanish Mackerel) from last night's dinner. So this morning, my wife made fish sandwich for my breakfast.

Shredded meat from the Tenggiri fish (Spanish Mackerel).

Finely chopped red onion, fresh lettuce and chopped red tomatoes.

Pita bread-heated up on both sides under low flame with a pan.

All the fresh and healthy ingredients stuffed into the Pita bread-the fish was a bit salty and rough in texture but was nutritious- oh! it was a mouthful!


TAN said...

This is interesting set. But I think too much for breakfast. I think great for diner!;)

foodbin said...

there are more greens than fish meat. so it is o.k.