Monday, February 9, 2009


Chap Goh Meh is the last and 15th day of the CNY festival. It is also known as the "Chinese Valentine Day", whereby single girls will throw oranges with their names and mobile phone numbers inscribed on it, into a lake and potential men would fish it out and try get to know her-leading to LOVE..or Marriage!!!!.
Tonight, we decided to have a BBQ dinner party at home with our family members instead of dinner at a restaurant. Most restaurants will probably be full house with maddening and chaotic diners and poor, erratic services!

BBQ is fun for both young and old, my two young nephew had the honor to cook their favorite Ayamas chicken frankfurter to start the party rolling. Meanwhile the 15 of us, tossed a Salmon Yee Sang, followed by BBQing the other delicious food until the flame dies off.

Kingsford briquet to start the BBQ fire-burn the whole bag until the briquet are ashed over and it is ready to cook.

Nice round briquet-less smoke compare to the local charcoal.

Waiting for the food to cook.

Tossing of Salmon Yee Sang.

Salad with apple, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and hard boiled eggs.

Pork ribs.

Ikan Pari-Stingray fish-was nicely browned and full of meat.

Chicken wings.

Fried noodles (made from green pea flour)-vegetarian style with sliced mushroom, carrot and Chinese long white cabbage.

Pork satay.

Glutinous rice with dried scallops, dried oysters, shrimps and garnished with scallion and deep fried shallots.

Tiger prawns- a big letdown-was not fresh!

Baked potato.

Sambal chillies sauce- to go with the glutinous rice.

Bird's eye chillies from Sabah-for the fried noodles-was super hot!

Home made Coconut pudding for dessert.

My nephew Timothy BBQing a chicken wing!.


terri@adailyobsession said...

looks like a wonderful chap goh mei! yum!

Lori Lynn said...

Interesting way to find a husband...

What a spread, I think you covered every food imaginable. Timothy, a future chef?


foodbin said...

It was real fun!

TAN said...

Salad, Pork ribs and Fried noodles is my always favorite. Enjoy!