Friday, February 20, 2009


Saturday lunchtime with my buddies is always an adventurous food exploring event. This afternoon we went to our buddy, KK friend's shop, Restoran Serdang Duck Wang in the Serdang Commercial Center. It is a corner coffee shop with minimal decor and filled with the usual round plastics tables and chairs and a few big aquariums, one was filled with freak hunchback Toman fish and the others with tropical fishes. We learned later that the owner was once a fanatic "Flower Horn" fish lover but his interest faded after the demand for the fish faded. Anyway, the restaurant signature dishes are roast duck and steamed Tilapia fish which we ordered and found to be GOOD and value for money. Parking is a breeze.

The shop front.

An aquarium filled with "freak" hunchback Toman fish.

Steamed Tilapia fish-smothered with blended young ginger, lime plus strips of preserved Chinese Mustard and garnished with spring onion and coriander leaves-the fish was very fresh and fleshy with a distinct zesty and tangy flavor-better than Lan Je's.

Roast Duck (1/2)-crispy brown skin, tender and meaty- bathed with natural juices of the duck meat -have a distinct fragrance of Dong Gui (herb) too-you can just eat it on it's own or dipped with the chillies sauce for more flavor.

Stir fry Romaine Lettuce-to balance off the meat.

Total bill:rm55/
Location: Jalan PSK 9, (opp. Affin Bank)
Serdang Commercial Center,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor.


Des said...

The duck looks crispy! hmm should find out where the place is exactly located and food hunting in serdang adee

- desmond-t -

Little Inbox said...

From the texture, I know the duck must be yummy.
BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

The steamfish looks nice ya! I also feel like trying the crispy duck....

Selba said...

Yummmm... delicious food!

But yeah, the fish looks kinda freaky, hehehe...

TAN said...

Steamed fish look delicious..;)