Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Pantai Seafood Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurant whenever seafood beckons. They have a wide varieties of live and fresh local and exotic seafood. I have been eyeing to eat the Australian Snow Crab for quite sometime. Tonight the four of us were free and willing and we contacted Mike to meet us there after work.
Pantai Seafood Restaurant is located in a out of the way location (hidden gem) with a spacious car park. Patrick Teo's Damasara Vilage Steamboat Restaurant is just around the corner, in fact these two restaurants adds property value to that area. The restaurant have a casual ambiance, with lots of timber, ceiling to floor glass panels, soft and mellow lighting and fully air conditioned with an open dining section for smokers. The place can be quite noisy when full. The other main attraction is the 5 tiered glass aquariums filled with live fishes, clams, geoduck, oysters, abalone...etc and a tiny stream with live fishes, snaking around the restaurant. Reservation is a must during weekends!
The Australian Snow crab was the "star of the night"-carefully, painstakingly devoured with tender loving care.

The 1.3 kg Australian Snow crab photographed before it was send to the kitchen-rm238/kg + rm10/ cooking fee.

Steamed White Snow crab (1/2) with egg whites-the meat was divinely sweet, delicate and fine in texture-a satisfying meal-the soft and tough legs have to be cut with a special scissor to access the fleshy filament-too expensive to waste!

Fried White Snow crab (1/2) with duck's egg yolk-the flavor of the duck's egg yolk masked the taste of the crab-I would have prefer it steamed, but my mum loves it this way.

Boiled Sea prawns- the presentation of the crimson red prawns was so refreshing and inviting, juicy and succulent with every bite- chillies and ginger sauce for added flavors-rm31.20.

Stir fried Hong Kong Kai Lan-leafy and crunchy-a lot of goodness for digestion-rm12/.

Deep Fried Otak Otak Toufu-made in-house-lightly batter with a crispy crust and cotton softness inside-dip with the Lingham's chillies sauce topped with crushed peanuts, below-rm11/.

Total bill:rm408/
Location: Lot 13575, Jln Cempaka, PJU 6A,
Kg. Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.


Anonymous said...

snow crab, I have not tried b4. But the bill is quite killing....

foodbin said...

rather expensive

worldwindows said...

Thanks for the recommendation. The crab is good.

Selba said...

I've never known there's snow crab.... looks kinda an albino crab, hehehe.. Would love to try it someday!

Olga said...

This reminds me of going to dim sum places. Yum.