Wednesday, February 11, 2009


On the seventh day of the CNY festival, on our way back to Kuala Lumpur from Tapah, we drop by at Sungkai town, to have our lunch at Kedai Makanan Choy Kee. We loved their braised pig's trotter, fresh river fishes like Tapah, Sebarau, Kelah, Jelawat (Sultan) fish...etc and wild frogs too! A must eat place when we go back there. It is situated at the main street of Sungkai town opposite a Magnum Lottery shop. The shop was recently renovated with wall to wall tiles and furnished with more tables and chairs to accommodate their growing list of customers. A lot of their customers, come in during the afternoon lunch hour, usually, after a fun time frolicking at the Hot Spring Resort of Sungai Klah, a few kilometers away. They served boiled herbal drinks too and parking is a breeze.

Braised Pig's Trotter-well marinated with traces of 5 Spices powder-not too overpowering-garnished with boiled stemmy Choy Sam-was the best i have even eaten- the skin and meat was soft and fragile-like and you won't get the oily, fatty kind of feeling when you bite into it-rm29/.

Ikan Cencaru (Hardtail Scad fish)-steamed overnight on a low flame with dried chillies, slices of tamarind , garlic and salt until the fish bones turned brittle -meat texture was sardine like-taste sourish and tangy-really whet up my appetite-have not seen this dish been served anywhere else-rm10./

Stir fried Paku Choy (Wild Fern) with Sambal Belacan (Chillies Shrimp Paste)-was crunchy- i like this dish because it is grown in the wild and pesticide free-rm9/.

Steamed Lim Yee Fish(Ikan Tapah-Wallago teerii)-fresh from the river-two chunks of delicious, sweet and really smooth and fine texture fish meat-comparable to the Cod Fish-rm52/.

Total bill:rm104/
Location:35, Jalan Besar, Sungkai,


J2Kfm said...

geez. i never know Choy Kee's famous for their river fish lah ...
the pork knuckle's good, i can attest to that !!!

foodbin said...

give a try the next time.

worldwindows said...

The Ikan Tapah must be on my list. Not easy to find. Yes very tasty. Ate it in Central Sumatera. May cost RM100 a kg in KL for the wild ones. Thanks for the recommendation.

foodbin said...

fishes are mostly supplied by the orang Asli.